Nordic Climate Change Adaptation Conference – Helsinki 2012

Conference: Second Nordic International Conference – Climate Change Adaptation Research Meets Decision-Making .

Date: 29-31 August 2012

Venue: Hotel Rantapuisto, Helsinki, Finland

Topic: City 2 – Ecologies of Climate Change Adaptation

This oral presentation by architect Jim Gall and myself was an extension of the work we have been involved in over the last few years. The topic is centred on the need to develop redirective design strategies which enable the our cities to adapt to a changing climate.

Traditional, widely used design rhetoric is based on product design, material sustainability and production efficiencies. While these are important, they combine to perform merely the basic necessary requirements for the functional output of our designing. The realities for a sustainable future are far more complex and embedded in our ways of living and our culture, hence the investigation of the relationalities of our designing is of paramount importance.  This presentation was a call to action on designing for climate change adaptation, and draws on our research and scenario setting conducted so far. The presentation to a wider audience allowed for beginnings of collaborations and dialogue which can lead to more significant steps within this broad discipline.

More information about our presentation is available by emailing me at nora(at) .

This project has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland