Seven Days Storage Solution

With my colleagues at the Seven Days Studio design platform, we have developed a design service that responds to the contemporary problem of accumulation of goods in the home. An over-accumulation of goods, largely driven by a culture of consumerism is seen in our homes where our wardrobes are filled with clothes we hardly or never wear and the constant messiness causes a strain on every day life.


The scope and complexity of the problem became evident through our combined experiences working in interior architecture and furniture design. Considering spatial planning, the possibilities for storage in the home are limited, especially in modern construction, where space solutions are inflexible, and the space is at a premium. To solve the problem, new approaches are needed that take into account not only physical storage, but also everyday practices and the emotional dimensions of over-accumulation. The goal of customized storage and space solutions designed by Seven Days Studio is to promote well-being and more sustainable consumption practices. 

For this, we have developed the Storage Organization + Re-organization Tool (SORT), where the customer is actively involved in the design process of the spatial and storage solution. As we develop a sustainable arrangement of storage solutions for their objects and clothes, we aim to provide the customer with a long-term strategy for maintaining this ordered storage so that they an continue to care for and sustain their belongings.


An exemplar project utilising our Seven Days Storage Solution is The Poet's Blue showroom home in Helsinki, where the customer's unique storage needs were addressed by working through our process.


Seven Days Studio is a multi-disciplinary design platform operating in Helsinki and in Australia. We are three other independent designers working in spatial design, furniture design, product design and design research. We study the psychological and emotional dimensions of space and aim to add experiential elements to the everyday to complement functional needs.