Fulton Trotter Architects: Three Quarters

My role: Research Assistant 2017-2018 at Queensland University of Technology, School of Design.

This project was concerned with the dynamics of architectural production within practice with specific attention given to the dynamics of creative practice management that lead to the design and realization of buildings. The aim was to assess the legacy of 75+ years of Fulton Trotter Architects’ practice history to determine the key attributes that have influenced and shaped the professional organization and its architecture projects. The firm has seen three distinct phases of leadership and personnel which have shaped the aspects of design, management and culture of the firm, and had lasting architectural and cultural influence throughout Australia. These three aspects were studied to inform a reflective and critical analysis of the firm that defines its model of successful management and practice. A qualitative analysis of the firm was conducted and the findings clarified specific aspects of the practice as a guide to inform the next phase of FTA under its new leadership, as well as informing future professional architecture practice in general.

This project was funded by Innovation Connections (project ID: ICG000188) and Fulton Trotter Architects.